Friday, June 2, 2017

Five On Friday - Camping News

We are back after a wonderful week of camping in the mountains in our little home away from home. Yes, you heard me. We did not sell our trailer. I am so happy to tell you all that. Camping is my favorite hobby/family activity. When our truck was totaled by another driver last year, I thought we would not be able to replace it but we decided to not give up our love of camping in our trailer. With the help of Colley Ford, and an awesome set of rebates and a great deal, we are set to camp again for a very long time.

So there she is. Our 11 year old Surveyor trailer is my favorite little place to be. She got all dolled up with a new awning just before we left for a week in our local mountains. We did something different where my hubby commuted down the hill to his office at the base of the mountains for several of the days. My youngest and I hit lots of sights and took a hike and had just the best time and in the evening, dad would pull in and we would have dinner and a campfire or watch a movie. So much fun.

I love my little trailer kitchen and found the cutest vintage towels to add to her. I am working on some upcoming RV TIPS posts for all of you. The are some of my most viewed posts on this blog. I will link to them below.

Hiking and doing some antiquing at a shop very near the campground is something we always do each trip. We have two more weeks scheduled up at our favorite mountain spot this summer so you will see more.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to keep your camper! What good times you've had and will still have, good for you!