Thursday, June 8, 2017

How We Keep Our Trailer Organized While Camping

I thought there was no better time, than in the middle of a camping trip, to share how we keep our trailer organized while camping. I filmed a little video that will show you where and how I keep things and is also an updated tour of our Forest River Trailer we have had for 11 years.

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Trailer Organization Ideas:

1. Daily, preferably in the morning, do a thorough pick up and wipe down. A clean trailer is a happy trailer. In such a small space everything needs to have a place.

2. Don't over pack. That is hard, trust me, I know, but take what you need an always keep thining your supplies out. Like in a home, if you haven't used it in a year or two, you might not need that as far as the interior items are concerned. Of course tools and trailer maintenance stuff should always be kept in good supply.

3. Use vertical and over the door space as much as you can. Command hooks are my key to keeping camping supplies up off the floor and organized in their place.

4. Find a place for dirty laundry. I use a pop up hamper and if we are at the beach and things are wet and sandy, I keep it outside next to the door. No wet or sandy things in the trailer and when you get home, all your laundry can be carried to the washer in one container.

5. Keep things together in one common place. We keep a large shoe basket that holds all of our shoes in one place. Clothes are kept in closets or drawers for hubby and I. Each child brings their own duffel for their clothes that stays on their bunk.

A few steps can help to keep your RV organized and make for a much easier and more enjoyable trip.

And when you are all done at the end of the day how cute are these camper pj's??

Below are links to my favorite RV organizing must haves.

Expandable cabinet organizer:
Over the door hook:
Happy camper calendar:
Command Hooks:
Hanging tier wire basket:
Hanging wire basket:
Nina Soft Spin Dryer:

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  1. great tips and terrific tour! our family has enjoyed many camping trips over the years - such good memories. Enjoy your camping adventures!