Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week of 6/25 in the Home and Garden - June Garden Haul

This week in the home and garden has been marked by hot weather and garden abundance. This is just one picture mostly of my garden haul for one day. Every year we struggle with pests and blights that affect things. I have not been able to grow any good cucumbers in my front garden for a few years. I suspect it is because I grow so many tomatoes out there and they are not good garden companions.

fresh peaches, garden tomatoes, vintage kitchen

We have watered a lot to keep the yard going during the triple digit temps but things have cooled. Our house is ready for the fourth of July with some patriotic garden decorating and as always lots of vintage goodness. I hope you enjoy this montage...


  1. All that food is so wonderful and free! I have a brown thumb so to speak and can't seem to grow anything! For one, I don't like working outside so that kinda goes to say I probably won't have much of a garden LOL. Anyways, good job!!

  2. Wow, that is quite the haul!! We are getting nothing but lettuce and radishes yet, but soon enough I'll be harvesting and putting up all sorts of veggies!