Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Spring Garden Tour - Keeping Garden Alive In Hot Weather

We have had a beautiful spring but high heat and summer weather has arrived. Keeping the garden alive in hot temperatures is always a struggle.

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Enjoy the last spring garden tour below and while you are there, follow us on Youtube.

Tips to Keep the Garden Going in Hot Weather

Plant plants that are for summer growing season. Things like pansies are going to fade quick in hot weather so I go around and pull spring plants as the hot weather arrives.

If you don't get rain, water daily if needed. Set sprinklers to run in morning hours before evaporation takes place.

For containers, I water in the morning and in very hot weather, I may give them an afternoon or evening drink as well. Move containers to more shade for heat waves if they are easily moved.

Mulch deeply. A two in layer of mulch can lower the surface temperature over 20 degrees and keeps moisture in the ground.

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  1. We also use soaker hoeses, as they use less water, soak the roots better, and you can turn on and walk away! Win, win and win! Nancy