Monday, July 17, 2017

How We Do Laundry While Camping Right In Our Trailer

Camping means dirty clothes and camping for a week I need to do laundry so I am sharing my how I do laundry while camping right in our trailer. You all know I love camping gadgets but my favorite this year is a way to do some small loads of laundry while RV camping,

portable washing machine and dryer

How We Do Laundry While Camping:

1. We set up the Wonder Wash in the bath tub of our trailer. It is small so we just pulled off the crank handle and my daughter rotated the tub herself. She liked that part.  I did three small loads because one I wanted to add a little bleach too for our towels. I did squeeze some of the water out after I let them drain but the spin dryer really does most of that for you. (Watch the video below for complete demonstration.)

2. I used my pop up rubber basket to hold the laundry until we were ready to start the dryer.

3. When we were all done with our small loads of washing, I switched out and set the spin dryer in the bathtub. It drains water out the bottom which you can put a cup below to catch but in the tub, it just goes down the drain perfectly. I sorted each spin load so they weren't too full and just let them go. This really is amazing how the laundry comes out almost totally dry. We hung laundry to finish drying and not one drip fell. Just a little time was needed to completely dry out.

hanging laundry dryer, RV laundry

4. All the towels, socks and wash cloths were hung on my awesome little laundry drying clip hanger which is another great camping laundry tip. I just hung it from the vent in the bathroom with the clamp that it comes with.

This is a brief rundown but to really see how I did it all, watch our video below and follow us on YouTube to get more great camping tips videos. And check out my post on how I keep our trailer organized while camping.

The Wonder Wash and Nina Soft Spin Dryer would be perfect in a dorm or apartment for doing small loads of clothes and towels. I love the idea of having them in case of emergencies when we might not have power.

Look how totally cute this RV camp themed laundry hamper is:

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  1. It looks small but perfect for socks and underwear! I like the drying setup you doesn't take up much space!