Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why I Keep Gardening Despite Failures - Dealing With Spider Mites In The Garden

This year, gardening has been challenging. From a scorching spring, high humidity and an infestation that has affected the plants and me, I have kept at it. 

Here is why I keep gardening despite failures.

1. This is why I garden in the first place. Growing organic food from my yard is my #1 goal. It is a hobby but also gardening is a skill. You cannot just throw seeds in the ground and WA-LA you have an abundant vegetable garden.  This year we have struggled with spider mites. From biting me and destroying my plants, it has been a learning curve to learn how to get rid of spider mites in the garden. I have found Capt. Jack's spray to be the best answer. That and spraying my plants with a blast often to disrupt the spiders.

2. Exercise is a good benefit of gardening and it keeps me moving and using muscles but really it is the mental benefits of gardening, that I benefit from the most. I really believe their are psychological advantages to gardening. I am at my calmest and completely enjoying my work when I am gardening. It is what brought me through the death of both of my parents within three months of each other. Gardening literally saved me. It was odd when I look back, my garden was so beautiful that year and we held my dad's memorial in our backyard on the brick patio he laid a few years prior. Flowers were blooming everywhere. It was perfect.

3. We literally sit in our garden and patio almost every day. We are always planning new projects. My next one is this little frog fountain. I already have the mosaic bowl and found a frog fountain I want to use. Now to get hubby to install the wiring. We are always learning. Gardening, especially growing fruit and vegetables, requires knowledge and it keeps me learning and studying. Being a gardener is good for the mind and body. Find more on gardening in Southern California.

photo via farmhouse 38

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  1. Ditto!! Gardening is truly good for the body and mind. Despite the hard work, it's fabulous to eat something you grew from a tiny seed. I fill my freezers with soups, sauces, lasagnas, etc that I make from what my garden spits out. I absolutely love pulling something out of the freezer in the middle of a snowstorm that I grew in my own garden!

  2. I don't grow veggies, but I do grow roses, and I've been struggling with spider mites this year. I was using Bayer's 2 in 1 rose treatment until I read an article about how it harms honeybees so I appreciate your sharing with me about the Capt. Jack's Spray. I'll try to find that one.

    That little frog fountain is so cute. It would be an adorable addition to your beautiful patio. :)