Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Musings And What is With All The Christmas Decorating?

Now I don't intend to cause any controversy but I am noticing more and more people already have their houses decorated for Christmas. Now this may make me a bad blogger but we do not and here is why....

gingerbread vignette, wood candy canes

This was a darling Christmas vignette at a local store. I snapped a pic and bought the candy canes for hubby to recreate as I already have the tree, candle and gingerbread boy. Isn't this sweet?

Thanksgiving kitchen, vintage colander

fall lighted tree, primitive Thanksgiving decorating

Why We Don't Decorate Early For Christmas

1. The plain and simple reason is my husband, as you know, does all the decorating and he refuses to rush any holiday. I suggested maybe just getting a few things up early this year because we are throwing a big party in December for his birthday, and he said no way. Enjoy each month and holiday at a time is his philosophy.

2. Putting up the decorations too early makes me tired of them by the time the holiday arrives. Anyone else like this?

3. I can easily get overwhelmed with all the Christmas decor hubby puts up so one month of it is all I can visually handle.

So there are the reasons and I am content to savor each holiday. My kids look forward to each holiday's decor coming out. But if you are an early decorator, and I know some folks have lots of trees that take tons of time, go ahead and enjoy and share cause we all love seeing your inspirational photos.
Let me know, are you an early holiday decorator?


  1. I wait until the day after Thanksgiving for many of the reasons you said. I love seeing all everyone else is doing and am soaking up the inspiration unti I’m ready.

  2. I'm with your hubbs on this one. I think things are often too rushed and the brunt of it is due to the commercialization of the holidays. We don't start decorating for Christmas until December begins. A few weeks of lights and the tree is enough for me.
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it always gets the shaft. I can't stand it when I see the Christmas decorations in the store displays even before Halloween. Slow down people. Be here now. It's really all there is.

  3. I'm with you. If I start Christmas decorating early, I'm so over it by Christmas. As it is now, I am relieved to put all decorations away at New Years. It's like de-cluttering the house. No I'm not a bah hum bug person just like to enjoy each at a time. Patty Mc

  4. I've never seen anything like this's like people want to rush Christmas and not celebrate Thanksgiving! We usually decorate for Christmas on Black Friday and Saturday.

    I know so many people (not just bloggers) who decorated for Christmas on November 1st! I just don't get it. I agree with you....I'd be so tired of the Christmas Decor if we decorated early.

    Maybe that's the problem....these people have had their autumn and pumpkin decor out since before Labor Day and they're sick of it!


  5. You know my thoughts on this but yes, this year is extra early. I am with you too early and I’m overwhelmed. As it on December 26th I’m ready to start taking it all down.

  6. We just REALLY LOVE Thanksgiving! I usually wait at least one week or more after that to decorate, and then we do winter, then Christmas. I don't like the American emphasis on stuff, and we try to do more focus on family. Less buying, less drinking, etc., more time to be thankful.