Tuesday, November 7, 2017

3 Of My Easy Go To Soup Recipes Using Leftovers

Frugal cooking is my thing and here are three great soups made from leftovers and the easy recipes to make them.

More frugal cooks in past generations could stretch a meal into many more. Leftover vegetables into a pot of soup the next day was a regular practice. There was no throwing good food in the trash. So turn leftovers into soup for an almost free meal. Here are 3 of my go to soup recipes from leftovers.

frugal cooking

Leftover Soup Recipes

Zesty Mexican Soup
Mexican soup, leftover taco meat soup

This is usually the soup I make with leftover taco meat and Spanish rice. 
creamy chicken and rice soup

potato cheese soup recipe

Potato cheese soup from leftover Thanksgiving potatoes is a tradition. This one if my favorite. My all time comfort food soup recipe.


  1. They all look good, but that chicken and rice soup looks VERY tasty!

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    Le froid s'installe peu à peu... Dame Automne a invité depuis deux jours Dame Hiver... Une bonne soupe est la bienvenue !

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