Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sold Our Trailer, Now To Pick A New One

What will we choose as our next trailer? We sold our beloved trailer in May and our daughter married in June and now it is July and I really want to get our new trailer. Hubby is dragging his feet but I am of course obsessed with finding the right one.  That's half the fun is shopping for a new trailer.

vintage trailer art

We love the look of vintage trailers but we would never buy one. We just want a new one without the need or remodeling and restoration. And you know me I love a touch of red...

red vintage trailer kitchen

vintage trailer art

vintage camp decor

I have missed camping so much this summer we have thrown around the idea of going in our little tent but my arm and shoulder issues this summer will prevent that.

love is camping

So here is a real contender. These are new trailers called Vintage Cruisers and they have a real vintage look and feel but with all the new amenities. A/C a bathroom and a bed that fits my 6'4" husband is a must and one we can walk around as our old trailer had a bed we had to climb up into and now in our 50's we are over that. So I will keep you posted on what we get and of course a tour will be involved and let me know if you have ever seen one of these trailers??

vintage cruiser interior

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