Thursday, October 4, 2018

Tent Camping Tips To Make Camping Easy

We have been campers for over 30 years. Tents, trailers and now without a trailer, in a tent again this past weekend. I will share my tent camping tips to make camping easier that can be used while tenting it or camping in a RV.

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Right now we are without our trailer, as we sold it in May, but I was really wanting a camping trip. We have everything to tent it so we pulled together our gear quickly and went to a back country campground you can;t pull a trailer to.

Tent Camping Tips To Make Camping Easy

1. Organize a camp kitchen box

Pull your kitchen gear into easy to access plastic drawers. My entire camping kitchen outside of the stove is contained in these two drawers. Pots. pans, cups, towels, wash pan and more all tucked into these drawers.

Here is some of what I keep in camping kitchen box: 

Pots and pans, cooking utensils
Foil and plastic wrap
Wash pan
Kitchen towels and scrubbie
Dish soap and bar soap for hand washing
Splatterware coffee mugs (these are the best for coffee and cocktails while camping)
Paper bowls
My container of plastic and tableware (see that great tip here)
Check out the post on my whole outdoor camp cook set up...
*A whole post on my camp kitchen set up is coming very soon.

2. Get an air mattress

Though we have a small cheap tent, we slept wonderfully cause we crammed our air mattress into it. It was worth it. Everything is easier when you are rested.

I covered our air mattress with an old memory foam topper from our trailer and we slept like babies.

3. Keep camp cooking very simple

I make as much ahead as I can. I premake soup or chili and freeze it and we always grill kabobs premade and marinated and frozen in large ziplocs on their skewers. Keep it simple. I also premake our sandwiches on rolls with mayo and mustard, meat and cheese and wrapped in saran wrap and placed in a plastic tub on top of the ice chest. This keeps me from having to pack meat, cheese and condiments in our ice chest. We add pickles and lettuce later. This is a genius camping hack to keep the ice chest free for other items.

ice chest organization, camping food

We always take our camping propane coffee maker. It makes the best coffee and a full pot that keeps warm. Just rinse out the pot after breakfast and you are done.

4. Make a camping list ahead of time

I make a list of all we need ahead of time and collect all the items in one area of our garage. Doing this ahead of time makes packing easier on the day we are leaving and when we return home we put it all back in this one spot so I can clean and put away at my leisure.

5. Store all your camping supplies together

We have a very inexpensive plastic cupboard in the garage most of our camping supplies fit in nicely. Our plastic bins sit next to it. Keeping everything in one place makes, organizing camping equipment makes it so much easier the next time you are ready for a camping trip.

camping equipment organization

These are a few of my camping tips for tent camping but we have tons of camping posts for RV camping too. You can find all our posts here.
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