Wednesday, November 7, 2018

My Camp Kitchen Box

I love an organized camp kitchen set up and my camp kitchen box it simple a two drawer stackable set up that has everything I need for camping cooking and more. I hope you will find some smart camping tips with a peek at my camp kitchen box.

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Nothing fancy just a simple camp box set up that we keep stocked so we can pull the boxes and go camping at any time.

My Camp Kitchen Box

Contained in the two plastic drawer system is:
Pots and pans, cooking utensils
Foil and plastic wrap
Plastic bags and trash bags
Flash light and small lantern
Wash pan
Kitchen towels and scrubbie, pot holders
Dish soap and bar soap for hand washing
Splatterware coffee mugs (these are the best for coffee and cocktails while camping)
Plates and mugs
Paper bowls
My container of plastic and tableware
Egg carrier (this is where I store it)

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We love our enamel camping cups. We each have one and they are used for coffee, cocoa, soup and cocktails in the evening. Everything just tastes so good in them and you can carry them around while eating and drinking. You can't beat the price at only $3.89 on Amazon.

enamel camping cup

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Though when we are camping the eggs are in the ice chest but this carrier is great and keeps your eggs from getting crushed in the ice chest and also from the carton getting soggy.

camping egg carrier

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