Thursday, April 25, 2019

My Favorite Kitchen Tool, A Meat Masher - A Kitchen Quick Tip

If I had to say what kitchen tool, not an appliance, but a hand tool I love the most in the kitchen, it would be my ground meat chopper. I actually don't cook that much ground meat but I use this meat masher tool for so many things that need a bit of chopping up.

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I cook everyday, often breakfast, lunch and dinner so I love tools that are easy to grab and have multiple purposes. I keep my masher right next to the stove in the tool caddy.

Multiple uses for a meat chopper:

  1. Besides ground meat, I use my chopper to shred any meat I am cooking up in the crock pot for say tacos or meat sandwiches. It perfect chops up shredded chicken or beef.
  2. I use it to mash potatoes up before I am ready to whip them up for mashed potatoes.
  3. It easily crushes bread crumbs or corn flakes for toppings or mix ins.
  4. When I make banana bread it mashes the bananas super quick.
  5. If I need to tenderized some meat, this works perfectly.
  6. For egg salad sandwiches, this chops the eggs up in no time.
  7. I have even used this masher to break up dried egg shells to spread in the garden.

1 comment:

  1. I use an old fashioned potato masher in much the same way. I have Fibromyalgia and I find that this is a huge energy and time saver for me and does not cause pain and fatigue as much as using other things can.