Monday, May 24, 2021

Tour Of Our New Trailer 2020 Grey Wolf 23MK

 Actually our trailer is almost a year old but I am giving you a first tour of it and boy do we love this trailer. It is a Forest River Grey Wolf 23mk and my mini review of how we love the layout of this trailer and how a couples trailer works great for family of three.

camper pillow, trailer tour
You can get the pillow here...

We had sold our old trailer and being life long campers plus the lock downs, we knew it was time to hit the road last year so we would travel and do it safely enjoying outdoor spots in the mountains and at the beach. We camped six times last year from May to October and it was so fun. A great way to do something fun and stay distanced.

We have it dialed in and this is a great couples camper because of a nice back bedroom but we take our daughter and we have a cozy spot all set up for her in the front of the trailer.

trailer bedding

We decided it was time to go for parental comfort so we chose a large bathroom and a bedroom with a walk around queen sized bed.

We have on kiddo left at home and she sleeps on the table slide out we just keep as her cozy nook with curtains that slide shut at night. We like to eat and cook outside so the table never really gets used much so for ease we just leave it converted to her bed.

trailer tour, trailer decor

The kitchen is wonderful and more counter space that I have ever had in any of out trailers. I have space for my mini K cup brewer and a nice farmhouse sized sink. 

trailer kitchen organization

Mini K Cup Coffee Maker


  1. Looks like a winner! Glad you were able to enjoy some down time last year.

  2. Looks great! Great to see that you are a blogging again!