Monday, June 7, 2021

Cute RV Storage Organizers

 I am all about the cute RV storage containers and organizers. Space is limited in our trailer so RV organization is a must or I frankly will not enjoy camping as much. You want to find everything quickly and know where your stuff is so good travel trailer hacks for cheap are my go to to keep camping fun.

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Our new travel trailer which I did a post about, has I would say average RV storage space, but the flat surfaces would always collect items like phones, leashes, dog walking items, sunglasses, so I went searching for something I could put by the door that was lightweight, cheap and something I could honestly secure and stick to the little side table top so I didn't have to keep moving it for travel.

I found the cutest soft sided storage organizer baskets with dividers online. You can find them here. Of course I wanted some thing cute and they have so many patterns and colors and I went for a red plaid sort of cabin decor theme.

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Next, I used a great RV hack and got large pre cut strips of velcro to adhere the basket to the table so it can live there without moving while the RV is in route but if needed we could just release it by pulling the top part off of the velcro fastener. These velcro strips are cheap on Amazon and really work.

velcro adhesives for RV organization

I loved this basket so much that I bought one for my RV bathroom as well. I cut the handles off of the living area basket and probably will with the bathroom one. I love that they are lightweight and don't add much of any weight to the trailer.

Check out my post on RV organizing in our older trailer.

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  1. Corralling things makes it easier to clean as well. Just lift it up and swipe underneath! I use this method in my home as well.
    Enjoy your new baskets!