Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Christmas 2022

Happy New Year. Thought a quick Christmas wrap up post was in order. We had a nice holiday at home with our kids. The usual: lots of food and gifts and merriment. I hope you all are well and wish for all a healthy and happy 2023.

This year Dean and I did all the decorating over Thanksgiving weekend. Boy, were we tired but it was nice to have it all done.

I have to have a kitchen tree. I spend so much time in this room that I love the glow of a tree. I bought some cupcake lights off of Amazon. I think they added a whimsical feel to the tree.

I am a vintage gal and I think I love how it reminds me of my mom's kitchen. Some of my Pyrex was hers.

The old vintage graphics on boxes were just the best don't you agree? I think they should go back to the colors and images of the olden days. I am so drawn to vintage Christmas gift tags. I think they remind me of presents under the tree as a child.

I found cute vintage inspired gift wrap at Walmart this year.

I just am a sucker for cute ribbon and kept some out so I could wrap extra little gifts I had picked up.

Happy little boxes of goodies ready to be handed out on Christmas Eve.

In the summer we had to say goodbye to our 17 year old chihuahua but we also have welcomed a new member of the family. Someone dumped a little cat near our house and she was screaming and crying and only 4lbs when we coaxed her to come eat in our yard. After a few weeks we finally caught her for a vet visit and some shots and then a week later to fix her. She has gone from a very scared feral little thing to feeling right at home and now spends most of her time sleeping on our furniture.

Her name is Peanut and you can see she has made herself at home.

Dean and I (and Tugg and Luns) wish you all the best and again a Happy New Year. Thank you for coming by and reading this very long post.