Monday, January 31, 2011

Ready for Spring

The problem with my rushing holidays and decorating so early is that I am ready to start decorating for the next holiday before the current one has passed. So here I am actually shopping the garden for spring decor to bring in the house. My favorite little shop has the cutest spring display up right now so I am trying to channel some of their cuteness. I say the word cute too much but I don't know what else to use as it is perfect for so many things. Cute bunnies, cute clothes, cute babies. You know what I mean?

This little bird bath was a $3 find but has rusted some being outside but I think I like it this way better.

Don't you love moss? I just adore it. My patio is shade all winter so it gets mossy green and I love the color.
I nurture it like a plant and don't wash it off until the summer sun does that for me.


  1. I am anticipating Spring's arrival too! I long for the warmer weather and bursting plants from the ground. Your moss is beautiful, is reminds me of an English cottage. Happy Monday to you!

  2. Oh how I long for warmer weather !
    Love that bird bath! Cause, I have one just like it :)
    A friend of mine bought it at a yard sale, and when I told her I thought it was awesome, she insisted that I have it.
    I always think of her, each time I look at it. It certainly is special to me.
    Hope you have a great week !

  3. I so look forward to spring too! Love the bird bath. I miss my moss. Since I moved back into the city, I don't get any mossy goodness anymore.

  4. I a so looking forward to Spring I can almost smell it ~! LOVE the bird bath and the lovely moss;-)

  5. I cannot wait until spring, but Easter is late this year, because Mardi Gras is in March.

    The birdbath is so cute! My whole backyard is moss, almost, LOL!

  6. Cute is good! One of my favorite words. I even like the way it sounds. You have to pucker up your lips to say it! I love moss, as long as I'm not slipping on it and falling, which I sometimes do!

  7. Oh, it all looks so spring-ish BUT spring is a long time away...especially today -- we're battened down for a blizzard :)


  8. I love moss too. I've got some growing on the bricks in my herb garden. It looks so English Cottage Garden!

  9. I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" over at Tabletop Tuesday, lovely pictures, and yes, I love Moss. It reminds me of an old English Cottage, my fave. xoxo tami

  10. Lovely, and so spring. I am ready too. Love the little bird, how pretty is that. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty