Sunday, November 20, 2011

Farewell Colors of Fall

Anyone like me and sad to see the warm colors of fall give way to the brighter colors of Christmas? Don't get me wrong I love Christmas and love the red and white but there is something about the warmth of the reds, oranges, greens and golds of fall that just stir my soul.

My home is sort of decorated in those colors all year long so I must love them. I even have two prints with pumpkins on the walls all year long. It is just my most favorite time of year weather, food and decor wise. What is not to love?

We are enjoying a cool fall day with rain on the way and literally that just makes me giddy. I think when you live where is is warm a lot of the year, cool days are such a treasure. You really savor them.

Oh to be able to tuck pumpkins in among my little shelves all year. There are people that celebrate Christmas all year so I will officially be the person willing to celebrate fall all year.

Somehow I think I won't find many Christmas trees in oranges and purples so I will have to be content with the fading flowers on the patio and enjoy them for one more week because then comes December and out comes my second most favorite color combo, red and white. So who could say no to decorating with those colors.

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  1. Beautiful flowers and I love the wooden turkey!

  2. Hi Elaine! I love the fall colors, too! But after decorating both October and November with the same colors, I'm ready for a change. Nature is ready,too, with all the leaves almost down from the trees in my yard. Just seems like a natural thing to do ... rake and decorate with red and green. Have a great day!


  3. Yep! I am gonna miss fall. It's my favorite season ♥ I too LOVE the warm colors and the beauty that this season possess, the harvest time, and the spirit of ThAnKfUlNeSs that pervades...

  4. It is sad to see the colors go.

  5. My house is done is Fall colors all year long. I love the reds, but they really don't go very well in my home. So they are used a little sparingly except for Christmas. Then I just throw caution to the wind and use them anyway. Love you colors and your decor. Hugs, Marty

  6. I enjoy Christmas, but I think it is artificially and commercially overdone in my eyes. Autumn and Thanksgiving are by far my favorite. I love your purple and orange. I think you should incorporate it into your Christmas decorations. Hugs!

  7. Ooooo those flowers are so pretty...I too love the warm colors of Fall....Fall seems to be one of fastest seasons for me...So much going on, I suppose.
    Enjoy this next week...

  8. I never really say "goodbye" to the colors. I enjoy them all year long too. I have shabby chic in my living room but love the primitive tones in my kitchen/dining style is definitely uniquely different.............just like me lol.

    Hugs my friend,


  9. I do love the colors of Fall.

    We are pretty well through the Fall colors here, and have had a few snow storms.
    For us... it's time to embrace the changing of the seasons once again.

  10. I do love Fall, too! All our leaves are gone now and everything is brown and dreary looking. At least we don't have snow yet! xo Diana

  11. I love the colors of fall as well. Just something about them that is warm and comforting. I don't start decorating for Christmas until December 1st. That's been my tradition and I'm sticking with it!! ;)

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Elaine Sweetie...
    I think Fall is my favorite time of year as well. I love the crisp air, and the thrill of the leaves as you walk along and they fall around you. I remember hopping into big piles of leaves as a child. Such fond memories.

    Now I have to tell you though, if you lived here in the Phoenix valley, you would be seeing lots of orange and purple trees at the holidays. Everyone loves the Phoenix Suns, and I have seen many ornaments in these colors around here. See you would fit right in sweet friend.

    Have a glorious Thanksgiving. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  13. Hi Elaine! Oh, yes, I love Fallen colors too but I've already packed all of my things away and am starting on Christmas! You have some lovely vignettes!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Amazing fall post! Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  15. I myself have a house decorated in all the fall colors and the fall/halloween/thanksgiving decor looks the best. I adore red and white
    too! I would love to have a room totally in those colors!

  16. I'm always sad to see fall fading. Your blog is beautiful. I've enjoyed my visit and am now your newest follower.

  17. This has been one beautiful Fall in Georgia. Enjoyed this post and I love your blog!

  18. I am with you. I hate to put my fall things away too and this year it seems things are moving too fast.

  19. beautiful home and beautiful colors, so warm andinviting and yes , great all year round.The only way I can read your blog is though facebook, when I go through my reading list on blogger it will freeze up everytime and says script wont stop running, just wanted to let you know I will not let that stop me, I will find you one way or another, Happy Monday!!

  20. Im exactly like you...I DREAD taking down fall and putting up Christmas, makes me very sad!!!!!!