Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yellow Day and a Wonderful Surprise

Made my weekly stop at Goodwill and for some reason there were some darling things and all in yellow. First, an older rolling pin with painted yellow handles. Eee gads I have lots of rolling pins with painted handles but have never found a yellow one. I then spotted the little golden plaid thermos and had to have that but the find of the day was this yellow check drink cooler. It is so fun and has all of its parts. I don't think I would use it but for display how cute is that? My basket was full of a little bit of sunshine I tell you.

Also, last week I received this darling surprise in the mail from Debbie at My Vintage Daydreams. She is the sweetest thing and knows my daughter and I love owls. I love the faces on these bowls. She also tucked in two fall towels and a maple leaf hook. I am so excited to meet her in person on Dec. 3rd. We are having a little blogger meet up so I will get to see her and thank her in person. Thanks Debbie!!

Well today is house cleaning day in prep for all the cooking and baking I will start tomorrow. Wrapped up my grocery shopping yesterday. It was busy but everyone seemed festive. All of us trying to choose the right turkey. I grabbed a Starbucks in the store for a treat and took my time and got in the mood.
Right now I am sipping a cup of coffee and summoning the will power to get up. My dryer died yesterday so we have laundry hanging all over the house. This is only going to last for a few days as six people and no dryer equals lots of wet laundry. Don't they make things to last any longer? My dryer is less than nine years old. Last one I had was hubby's grandma's, an old Maytag, and it lasted for over 30 years before it croaked. I think we will be in Lowe's on Friday if it can't be repaired before then.


  1. Great haul! I haven't been able to get out to GW with preppin the house for the holiday. Im glad you made a lil quiet time for yourself before you are going non-stop with family.Enjoy the holiday!!

  2. Love trolling the Goodwill and finding treasures.
    You did good on your finds!!
    Happy Thnksgiving!

  3. I die for that rolling pin...lucky find!!!! Im cleaning today too and baking tomorrow.....and LOVING this awesome sunshine!!!!!
    sorry about the dryer...ugh...my husband used to work for Maytag years ago...I had one that lasted 30 years too!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

  4. Love your yellow items...they will be gorgeous in the summer on the patio!! Appliances do not last. We never bought the extra insurance, but now we do. My dishwasher only lasted 3 years...and there is only 2 of us!
    Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the day!

  5. You found some really cute yellow things!!
    Love when I find something really cool.

    Sorry about the dryer.. that's a bummer.
    Hope you are able to get it repaired and save some money.

    Have a great day and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. Lovely YeLlOw finds! Sorry about your dryer ~ Hope it doesn't cost too much to get it fixed. Happy cleaning and baking ♥ Kelsey

  7. How adorable is that rolling pin with yellow ends..I have never seen one like this either...I know that all of this yellow brought you big smiles...
    Sorry about your dryer....and right here at the Holidays.. Hang in there....oops, no pun intended..
    Have a great day..

  8. I love your finds! The plaid thermos brings back a lot of memories as I had one in red when I was in grade school. I agree, I don't think they make things to last any more either. We had this ancient washer and dryer left in our old house and those two were ugly, but when we sold the house they were still working. They had to be over 25 years old as well. Hope you find a nice one!

  9. GREAT finds Elaine! I have lots of painted handled rolling pins too but never seen a yellow one :)

    I start some of my baking tonight :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. Oh you lucky girl!! What fabulous finds.
    Happy Thanksgiving. :o) Trish

  11. Cute yellow goodies. Love the thermos. That would be so cute on my table. lol. Our first machine was an old Maytag top loading and it lasted forever, too.

  12. First of all, I LOVE your yellow finds!!! Such sunny, happy pieces!!! I am off to the GW to make a drop off in a few minutes. Maybe I will see something special to take home with me.
    Have a wonderful holiday with your precious family Elaine! We are not cooking! Can you believe that? We have ordered our Thanksgiving meal for the past 4 years now, and love doing it that way. I still cook a turkey and slice it for sandwiches, we enjoy all weekend long. Your owl bowls are precious! She seems like such a doll, that Debbie. I can't wait to meet her, and all of you again for a fun day. What are our plans???
    Have fun cooking!!!! We have much to be thankful for, don't we?
    XO Kris

  13. What great finds - why doesn't that ever happen to me?! Happy Thanksgiving! Ashlyn

  14. How darn cute are those thermoses and the rolling pin!? I would have been thrilled to find them too:>) Bummer about the dryer, I hope you find a good sale!

  15. Cute owl dishes...what a thoughtful friend! Good luck shopping for a dryer~
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  16. Oh Elaine, I LOVE those yellow treasures!!! Isn't the Goodwill awesome? I ran around today getting all my baking stuff for tomorrow.....gonna be so fun filling the house with sweet scents baked with love.

    Sorry about your dryer, it always seems to happen at the worst time huh?



  17. Sorry about the dryer. I think it's the law that if things are crazy at your house, that's when something major has to tear up. Do you have a relative or friend who would let you dry a load of clothes sometime over the next few days? We did that once. Washed them at our house and took them over to a relative to use their dryer. I can see the rush for a new one though!

    I love the drink cooler. Seems it's so hard to find anything in yellow, which I've never really understood since it's such a happy, cheerful color. You must be a wonderful friend to get those sweet owl gifts too!

  18. Holy canary! (I was looking for a good yellow word to use - LOL)

    Those are some splendid finds! I can't believe how lucky!

    Hope your Thanksgiving is just as warm and welcoming as you are!

  19. We have had our Maytag since we got married..... that was a very long time ago... we recently celebrated our 25th.
    I love all the yellow checks and plaids. They all look so nice grouped together.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

  20. What cute vintagey finds and you know I love the yellow! That stinks about your dryer and right at the beginning of the holiday season. Hope it can be repaired inexpensively. Happy Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to our meeting too.

  21. I love your GW finds!! I'm loving all the yellows...my kitchen is yellow and blue. If you ever get tired of them..... ;)

  22. Oh my lord, Elaine!!! I am painting another interior of a vintage-looking French kitchen, and most of the appliances are harvest gold! Your finds would look perfect in there! I will post a photo of the painting when I'm done and you'll see what I mean!


    PS I really like them..and Harvest Gold is growing on me!