Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What to Buy This Week and Linen Stock Up Time

What to buy this week and linen stock up time is January/February.

Traditionally January begins the annual white sales which includes all types of linens. I usually go through and see what we need to stock up on for the year. I always buy bath towels and always only in white. We seem to go through bath towels the most so I replenish my supply yearly. This year I do not need hand towels. I will buy new wash cloths and kitchen towels though.

I love the white stack of washcloths from Target (above). This is how we use them. First they are bathroom washcloths. As they get dingy they become kitchen washcloths, and when they are embarrassing, they become cleaning rags. This also a great time to organize your linen closet. I always find towels that are hidden when I clean the shelves.

Okay, onto what I am buying this week. The grocery sales are lack luster this week. We are getting low on meat so I will be buying some whole chickens. I see them at .79 (my buy price) and .89 this week. A whole chicken in the crock pot can be used for so many dishes.
I am noticing sales on:
Coffee Creamers
Toothpaste (Colgate)
Toilet Paper
Pasta Sauces (.99 is my buy price but my stock up price is when I can get it lower)
Oranges (We have trees so I am not buying but you might want to)
Canned Tuna (This has recently climbed in price. I see .79 this week which is a good price around here)


  1. Thanks for the update, our Kroger ad had practically nothing, but this week I'm so stocked up that all we needed was milk - yay! I think I'm loving this stockpiling lifestyle even more because it means I get a week off from shopping - hubs went and got the milk.


  2. I plan on getting Colgate at CVS this morning. When I looked at the grocery ads that came out today, I saw lots fish, pork, cereal and oranges at good prices, but I Don't need any of those.

  3. Hi Elaine - I'm in southern Ontario and I'm jealous of your prices. The very least I can pay for chicken is $1.99 a pound. Quite a difference! Even chicken legs and thighs - I'm lucky to find $1.99 - usually more like $2.49 on sale. I haven't seen anything really good on linen either this. Just the usual prices we can find at Homesense - $10 a towel and $50 for a queen sheet set and those are the lowest prices I've seen. Finding it harder to budget lately - the price of groceries has really gone up lately. J

  4. I also buy only white towels and washcloths. I discovered that when washcloths become dingy, it is because of body wash. There is no way to get them white again, so I stopped using body wash and we now use bar soap. No more problems with dingy washcloths. I sometimes use bleach on the towels, but more often use a little peroxide. It really whitens.

  5. I tend to buy my towels at Sam's Club and places like Ross nowadays. Such good prices! I just stocked up on kitchen towels.
    Whole chickens are such a good bargain. I buy them often, and use them for all sorts of things.

  6. I am in the process of switching over to all white towels's so much easier this way.

    Thanks for posting what's on sale where you live, I always look for those items here.

    We seem to follow the states pretty closely..just not in pricing.


  7. Your linen closet is pretty. Mine sadly is a mess. I am still loving our Aldi's.

  8. Elaine,

    Thank You for reminding us about the white sales. I definitely need towels we have like 8 in the whole house we've bought since the fire. Once the snow clears I'm going shopping.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  9. Just got my grocery ads, and no sale on whole chickens here. Believe it or not I even make our cat food with them. I bought all the supplements and just roast and grind it all in the food processor. I scored tons of veggies though at the 99 Cents Only store, and I'm roasting them all and freezing some. Cabbages, portobello mushrooms, and cauliflower were 99 cents. And 4 packs of tri-color peppers were 49 cents. They had some spots but I don't mind cutting around those. They had blackberries too, a real treat! Thanks for the tip on the washcloths, I have been looking for some. Sorry such a long comment but I love talking about this stuff :)

  10. I wish I had a linen closet. I have some small built ins in my walk in closet but it's not too much room. As for sales, Im not seeing very many good ones either although I need to stock up on some spaghetti sauce and 99 cents is also my buy price..

  11. Hello Elaine,

    I just upgraded my washcloths.
    Your prices are unbelivable! :o)


  12. I like your buying tips and will buy handtowels soon, for the kitchen and bathroom. Some of ours can be retired as cleaning rags.

  13. I am going to try to use up food we already have. Hopefully I shouldn't need to buy groceries for a while. We just made a lot of bacon and sausage from pork we got on sale last week.

  14. Thanks for the heads up, Elaine.
    My washcloths are looking pretty bedraggled these days.
    Blessings, my friend,
    Carolynn xo

  15. Hi Elaine - I did some stocking up last week myself. What I'm trying to do right now, like I said in my blog, is to use what's in my freezer. I have plenty of veggies from our garden last summer. I wanna get those eaten before the garden comes in this year. Our local grocery had some beef roasts on sale, so I did get a couple large ones. With just me and my hubby here now, I can split them and freeze half. We can eat roast with all the trimmings, roast beef sandwiches, and then what's left goes into a big pot of vegetable beef soup.

    I've been having this urge to start spring cleaning! Sounds like you are, too!

  16. I too stock up during the white sales but I am not brave enough to buy white. I didn't need a thing this year which was nice. I love how organized you are.

  17. Your the second person I've read tonight that has oranges in their yard.
    Are your oranges 'IN' right now,too?
    Also...I just made cleanser with lime rinds and it is great as a degreaser. But, I went through it pretty cut right through the glue on some veneer I was removing. Do you use the orange rind for this type cleaner?
    $.79 for Tuna!?
    I haven't seen it here for less than a $1 for the last few months now.
    Love the tips for linen purchases.
    I make my dishcloths now... they last a good while. :) Pat

  18. I always enjoy your tips.
    I'm lazy enough that I LOVE it when someone else does the work and then clues me in!

  19. Hi Elaine,
    My bath towels turn into bathroom floor mats and dog towels.
    We watch prices and stock up our freezer when specials are on.
    Have a good d
    Barb xxay

  20. I agree about the white towels and wash cloths. I love when oranges are a good buy.

  21. I like your designated "buy" price & "stock up" price. I realize that I have a mental list like that for the items I use most frequently... thinking I will make a more "formal" list.

  22. I like your designated "buy" price & "stock up" price. I realize that I have a mental list like that for the items I use most frequently... thinking I will make a more "formal" list.