Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cheater Fridge Pickles

I love the idea of canning but frankly I am afraid I may poison us or something so I have refrained from trying. But this summer I have had a bumper crop of cucumbers and needed to use some up that were getting a little wrinkly. 
Now I like to keep pickle juice after we are done eating the pickles up for adding to recipes and making pickled eggs.
So I saw a jar in there and thought hey let me make my own pickle slices.

I just washed and sliced up a couple of cucumbers and added a splash or extra apple cider vinegar and threw in the cucumber slices.

easy pickle recipe

After a week we had wonderful slices and snacked on them with lunch one day and then I just cut up another cucumber and threw it in for burgers later that week.

Here are some other ways we eat up extra cucumbers from the garden.


  1. I have done this! Why waste perfectly good pickle juice, right?

  2. I just made fridge pickles and they are sooo good! You should try sushi vinegar, it's really great for a change of pace:>)

  3. I'm afraid of canning too. But, I started making refrigerator pickles a year or so ago. There are some great recipes on line and they're so easy. Our last batch turned out the best. We just sliced cucumbers, garlic and onion and put it all into jars. Then, we heated vinegar and the spices in a pan and poured it over the top and put on the lids. When the jars were cool we put them in the fridge. Five days later....Yum! :-)

  4. Yum!! Makes me wish I had a garden!


  5. OH-My hubby would love this- xo Diana

  6. What a clever idea! We have a bumper crop of cucumbers that I need to use up soon.

  7. Great idea! Love cukes and pickles. xo

  8. ..What a great idea, Elaine.... I've never thought of doing this. I must try this..my Mum and Hubby love pickled veges....
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xxx

  9. That's a nice quick idea! My Mom also makes pickles, but she prepares solution of vinegar, water and some spices and covers with it whole cucumbers, then puts them under some press, and slightly salted pickles are ready! However she also makes jars, as to keep them for winter time :)Thanks for sharing an idea!