Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Perfect Flowers to Grow for Summer Bouquets

I am sharing perfect flowers to grow for summer bouquets. Oh, it has been a wonderful summer here in the garden for picking fresh bouquets. Here are my favorite cut flowers to grow for summer picking.
 In order to have fresh bouquets from spring through fall I love to successively plant sunflowers and zinnias. They are my favorite for summer bouquets. Sunflowers will deliver wonderful bouquets for picking if you plant seeds wherever you can every couple of weeks. Zinnias, I plant early in spring and later at the beginning of July. They will continue to bloom if you fertilize and cut cut cut lots of bouquets. Here is my recipe for homemade flower fertilizer that is so super cheap to make.
 Even when we go camping I pick a bouquet that I take up in our trailer to have on our table outside in our campsite.
glamping flowers

kitchen sunflowers

sunny simple life dining room
 I even have some that match my prim decor. How nice of these to grow like that for me.
prim sunflowers


  1. I planted lots of flower seeds this year. My sunflowers were beautiful, and then suddenly lost all of their petals and began to droop. I pulled them. My zinnias are pretty, but not as bountiful as I would have liked. I have cosmos and other flowers going too. But it is my roses that never seem to fail me! Your flowers are gorgeous!
    xo Kris

  2. Thanks for the tip.

    I am headed to the nursery today to buy sunflower and zinnia seeds.

    Your bouquets are beautiful.

  3. Just as my plants matured enough to bloom, now it's so hot it's taking them down. A real shame. I keep a good eye on them, but when it's brutally hot, there's only so much you can do. Love your bouquets, Elaine.

  4. I'm cutting daisies now and loving it. No more grocery store flowers for a while. I use all kinds of wildflowers and greenery from the woods behind my house too :-)

  5. Wish I had space for a cutting garden. Your daisies and zinnias are beautiful. xo Laura

  6. Being a brown thumb, I never knew that and I love Sunflowers! Thanks so much for this great tip, I'm so excited. I planted Sunflowers a few weeks ago :) -Bev

  7. Guess what I brought home today from the garden center? Yes, a pack of Zinnia seeds, knee high sunflower seeds and Cosmos. Great minds think alike, right? Your bouquets of zinnias and sunflowers are fabulous.

  8. Bonjour,

    Merci pour ces magnifiques photos ! Un très joli billet avec ces fleurs aux couleurs chatoyantes...
    Une journée qui commence et qui pétille grâce à vous !

    Gros bisous ☼ ♡ ☼

  9. I need to plant these next year. Beautiful.

  10. I love how zinnias just keep coming...So many new colors now too.

    Love all of your bouquets!

  11. Beautiful bouquets and love the containers you used. I am anxious for my zinnas to bloom!

  12. These are beautiful.
    I think the key is pruning...
    great tips and beautiful flowers!

  13. I'm doing the same thing and it's working like a charm! Loving my zinnias. :)