Friday, January 23, 2015

Frugal Fridays - Jan. 23

1. More in my quest toward frugal living. I would have to say this last week was anything but frugal. With a new retainer and eyeglasses for our daughter, we had a spendy week but we did do a few money saving tips to help contain those costs.

First, we always take advantage of the FSA account through my husband's employer. It is a flexible spending account. We put a certain amount aside and you can use that money for all medical expenses except over the counter meds. This money is deposited in the account on Jan. 1 and deducted through the year from my husband's check. The money you use in the account is tax free so it lowers your taxable income. We used this for the glasses and the retainer.

2. I negotiated a lower price for the retainer with our dentist by paying in full and we now get our eye exams at Sam's Club and buy our glasses there. The price for frames and lenses is less than half of what we used to pay at our old optometrist's office. This is important because they have cut our vision benefits.

3. I used three bananas from the freezer to make the most amazing banana bread. I will share the recipe this coming week. After using my method to make bananas last longer and I see they are so ripe no one will eat them, bananas are always stored in the freezer to save for baking or smoothies.

4. I bought some seeds at Walmart this week. I am starting some cool season crops and testing some very early planting of summer crops. Our weather here has really become more like AZ so I am going to see if I have any success with very early planting of squash, tomatoes and cucumbers.

So not a lot to report on the savings front other than mitigating the necessary expenses.


  1. What a great tip about the bananas! We'll be trying that next week! That bread look dee-lish! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Good for you, Elaine! I want to start some seeds, but have no earthly idea where I'd have space inside to do it.

  3. Am waiting on the recipe for the banana bread. That looks fantastic.