Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Menu Planning Sunday - January Menu Ideas 1/10

January Menu Ideas Week Two
For my weekly menu planning Sunday and more January meal ideas, I went to my indoor freezer to do an inventory so I could cook up and clean out the meat in that freezer and add to my menu planner.

I do not want to waste food by letting it get freezer burnt so a regular freezer inventory is important.

So in my indoor freezer I had:

  • Whole turkey (my daughter received it from work for Christmas - free!)
  • Chunk of ham leftover from Christmas
  • Package of chicken legs
  • Very large pork loin roast (enough for several meals)
I have a small freezer in the garage where most of our meat is stored but I am wanting to clean this freezer out first and create meals from that freezer first since this meat takes up a lot of space. Here are some more January menu planning ideas. January dinner ideas are often hot hearty meals that go great with cold weather. I love being able to make large pots of soup and use my oven in cooler temps.

Menu Planning Sunday 

Sunday: Roast turkey with mashed potatoes and dressing, green beans, easy dinner rolls.

Monday: Ham and Bean soup, Super Simple Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing Salad

Tuesday : Leftovers

Wednesday: Dinner at In-Laws

Thursday: Turkey soup and Easy French Bread

Friday: Barbecued Chicken LegsSavory Barbecue Potatoes, salad and corn

Saturday: Dinner out with hubby; kids can get and grab

Printable link to print this weeks menu where you can print, copy and open each recipe: January Menu Week Two

There is my menu plan for the week. I did not use the pork roast so I will roll that into week three of my January menu ideas. Any leftover turkey will be frozen. I will have to get a menu planning printable so I can print up from my posts. Anyone have a good one they can recommend and share?

Dont miss week one of January Meny Planning Ideas.


  1. Your menu for the week sounds yummy! Thanks for posting this Elaine. I must get into the menu planning mode once again because I have let that slide during the holidays. Thanks for helping me get back on track. I will try your dinner roll recipe. Love dinner rolls! Have a great Sunday!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. I have never planned out menus for the week - I decide before I go to work in the morning what's for dinner that evening, and leave it out then. Sometimes the day before, but usually not any further out than that. You are so much more organized than me!! :)