Thursday, March 24, 2016

How To Organize A Baking Drawer

I bake a lot of our food from bread to cookies and treats and this is how to organize a baking drawer frugally in order to make all that baking easier. I wanted a drawer where my tools were at hand but didn't want to spend any money to organize baking supplies so I used what I had on hand for a free organization project.

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After cleaning out an unneeded junk drawer, cause I am purging as much crud from the house as I can, I freed up space for my baking tool organizer ideas. I took a vintage looking sheet of cooking labels from my old stash and lined the bottom of the drawer. I used a freshly scrubbed metal basket, a paper box from a gift  and plastic utensil tray as my baking drawer insert just one of the frugal ways to organize baking supplies.

Multi purpose kitchen tools like my whisk and metal spatulas are contained in a crock on the stove cause they are used constantly.

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I use the metal clips to close bags of flour or sugar. Perhaps my favorite tool is my metal cookie scoop. Makes perfect cookies every scoop. To me you cannot have enough rubber spatulas and sets of measuring spoons. See one frugal way I use them here.

I have a vintage stand mixer rubber stamp in the drawer as well. I use it on simple paper labels to adhere to baking gifts I make and give away. Just buy a pack of plain white or cute stick on labels to put on your baked goods. It is a cheap but cute way to dress up a gift from the kitchen. I listed where you can get it below.

baking supplies, vintage, vintage mixer stamp, organized kitchen

My Must Have Baking Supplies

1. Ball Jar Measuring Spoons
2. Cookie Scoop
3. Clips and Baking Tips
4. Measuring Cups
5. Vintage Mixer Rubber Stamp
6. Rubber Spatulas
7. Offset spatulas
Don't have room for a drawer? Create a baking basket to organize your baking supplies.
Don't you love freshly organized spaces? Seriously what feels better in the house?


  1. I love opening a truly organized drawer like that - it's truly the little things, isn't it?

  2. Looks great. That chicken spatula is so fantastic! Organizing makes one feel so light. Good on ya!

  3. You have totally inspired me with this post - I've fought the measuring spoons and measuring cups flopping all over my regular large upper cabinet for years - no more! I'll post a pic of my mini-version of your drawer on FB for you to see. Thanks for the inspiration.