Monday, March 21, 2016

Cook Once, Eat Twice - Meal Plan Sunday 3/22

I am trying something new for Menu Plan Sunday and going with cook once, eat twice meals this week.
We are so busy for the next few months that I really have to streamline my cooking. I will be driving to my daughter's competitions for about six weeks so I need a lot of healthy cook once eat twice options so I can cook only on the few days I am home but we will have meals all week.
meal planning

My family has never been fussy over meals from leftovers so no problem there. I will especially be using cook once eat twice slow cooker recipes.

Sunday: Barbecued salmon, green salad with lemon vinaigrette, rice pilaf, corn, homemade rosemary bread

Monday: Crock pot chicken tacos, slow cooker pinto beans (from the freezer)

Tuesday: Chicken nachos, fresh fruit

Wednesday: Dinner at in-laws

Thursday: Slow cooker homemade spaghetti sauce, green salad, easy French bread ( this is my freezer cooking for the week because the extra sauce will go in the freezer)

 Friday: Leftover spaghetti

Saturday: I will be cooking and baking for Easter so dinner out

slow cooker spaghetti sauce, freezer meals
Homemade spaghetti sauce

Remember by always planning one of your meals around freezer meal planning and you will be able to always have premade meals in the freezer - easy freezer cooking.

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  1. I tend to overcook, so I have freezer meals by default! But they are so convenient....and they were very convenient when I was out for the count with the flu.

    Your menu sounds fantastic for Holy Week. I don't know what to do about Easter dinner. We're bad to go to the 11:15 service. If that's the case this Sunday, I'll plan an Easter brunch and eat before we head out to church!