Monday, October 17, 2016

Pre-Holiday Room By Room Cleaning Plan - The Kitchen

Here is the newest post in my holiday cleaning tips Pre-Holiday Room By Room Cleaning Plan - The Kitchen.

While the weather is still warm I like to plan ahead for a more organized Christmas. Getting the holiday deep cleaning done early, makes me less stressed come November and December.

**Now the list may seem extensive but it is just that, a list. Do what you can or what seems to be most pressing. I like to print it off and check off what I can but I usually never get all done but this holiday cleaning plan helps keep me on track.

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A Step-By-Step Plan To A Clean Kitchen For The Holidays

Counter Tops:

  • Section by section, remove everything from the counter tops. Wipe off all crumbs and spray with a cleaner. If you have tile, my homemade all purpose cleaner with bleach is awesome to sanitize and whiten grout. 
  • Spray tile or counter surface. Let cleaner sit for a minute and wipe down all surfaces and the back splash. You can use a toothbrush to really get in all the cracks and grout lines. Here are some favorite homemade cleaners and the alcohol one is the best degreaser for tile ever!


  • Use a safe cleaner for cabinets and literally start at one end and wipe down and clean all your cupboards.
  • Touch up an chips in the paint.
  • If shelves are dirty, give them a swipe as needed.

Curtains, Blinds and Windows

  • If your curtains are dirty and dusty, take them down and wash them or send them to the cleaners.
  • Blinds in the kitchen get not only dusty but greasy. To clean greasy blinds, use my easy method that cleans and degreases blinds. If windows need a quick cleaning, now is a good time to at least do the indoor windows.

Dishes, Glassware and Flatware

  • Check your glasses, dinnerware and flatware that you will be using for the holidays. Do they need washing or does your silver need polishing?

Floor and Rugs

  • Wash any throw rugs. Do you have a rug in the kitchen or under your table you want to send out to be cleaned? Give the floors a good scrubbing and wipe down base boards. Kids are great to hire for those base boards. 


  • Give your refrigerator a good cleaning. Now is the time to throw out expired items and take stock of what you might be out of for holiday recipes.

Dishwasher, Oven and Microwave

  • Clean your oven if needed. Wipe down in and out and underneath the microwave and wipe off your dishwasher. 

Open Shelving and Decor

  • Dust shelves and nick knacks and any hanging decor and pictures. Go ahead and swipe over the tops of door frames and window sills.

Holiday Grand Plan

Cleaning for the holidays:

Next time we are onto the bathrooms and bedrooms.


  1. Sounds like a good plan! Makes me tired just reading it though...

  2. I need to follow your plan. I'm actually thinking about not decorating for Thanksgiving this year and moving straight to Christmas since we might go out of town for Thanksgiving.

    I like your checklists, and I'll refer to them! Thanks, Elaine!