Friday, September 11, 2015

Holiday House Cleaning Tips - The Entry Way

This time of year it is a good idea to start early cleaning your house for the holidays. I have a few cleaning tips to share and here is another in the series of cleaning your home for the holidays. We have already covered the deep cleaning plan for the living room and the dining room. Now, we will focus our holiday plan on cleaning the entry way.
entry way, cleaning house

Cleaning the entry way is important because it is the first room guest see. But this room should go quickly as it is usually the small area of the home and now is a perfect time to organize the entry way for the winter months to come.

Entryway Cleaning Tips

  1. Remove anything that does not belong in here.
  2. Remove rugs, send them out to be cleaned or wash them yourself.
  3. Now start at the top and wipe down walls, cleaning smudges or touch up paint.
  4. Remove light fixture and bulbs and wash in hot soapy water. The bulbs I just wipe clean. You won't believe how shiny the fixture will look.
  5. Clean the top of door frames and wipe down doors. Get fingerprints and clean any glass on the front door.
  6. Clean any glass and windows including washing curtains or cleaning blinds. I have a great cleaning tip for shutters and blinds.
  7. Wipe down and clean any hanging pictures or decor in the entry way. If you have old dusty plants, toss them or place them in the shower for a cleaning. A new plant would really look nice in the entryway.
  8. If you don't have a place for keys, hang one up. Since doing this years ago we never hunt for our keys cause they are always right by the door.
  9. Have a nice rug or mat for wet shoes when winter arrives.
  10. Wipe the floor and baseboards. I love Murphy's Oil Soap for cleaning wood floors.

Now put everything back and enjoy!


  1. I was just thinking this week that it would be a good time for a heavy duty scrub of the house. :)

  2. All excellent tips. If you have enough time, you might go outside the front door and replace the mat, remove cobwebs and do a little sprucing up there, too.