Sunday, January 31, 2016

Menu Plan Sunday - January 31

We are in the fifth week of Menu plan Sunday. I love planning winter meals. Soups are always on the weekly menu this time of year. Along with a rainy day, soup is favorite winter treat.

Menu planning on a budget is always top of mind but you will find most of my menu plan ideas are for frugal meals using basic ingredients while still providing a variety. Budget friendly meats are the basis for our meals as well as using pantry staples.

Weekly Menu Plan Sunday
  • Tuesday:  Crock pot spaghetti sauce (this is my freezer cooking for the week. The extra sauce will be frozen), spaghetti, salad with leftover ranch dressing from Sunday
  • Wednesday: Dinner with family
  • Thursday: Crazy clean out the freezer meal. I will supplement with a crock pot of pinto beans. (When I start seeing too many odds and ends it is time to just pull out a bunch of things and cook them up.       
  • Saturday: Date night with hubby ( I really look forward to this so putting on the schedule is important.


  1. In winter, we eat soup about 3 times a week. Steve spends quite a bit of time making each soup, but we get 3 to 4 meals out of one soup. Last night he made homemade French Onion soup and it was wonderful.

    Enjoy this rainy day and time with your family.

  2. This all looks great. We'll be having spaghetti this week too :-) . Ours will be with elk meet from the hunt, but we rarely have leftovers.