Sunday, February 28, 2016

Menu Plan Sunday, February Meal Ideas 2/28/16

I am loving this series and menu plan Sunday post, because it is forcing me to get my plan done so I can post it. Funny how that works right?

Weekly menu planning on the blog and in my kitchen has really helped to cut back on food waste. I know what I need and keep track of what needs cooking. It is really freeing and saves time on dinner planning.

February Meal Planning for the week of 2/28:

Sunday: Oven tri-tip, baked sweet potatoes from our garden, green beans

Monday: Lasagna (this is my freezer meal of the week) one for dinner and one to freeze, lemon  dressing salad, easy French bread

Tuesday: Supper in a dish one pot crock pot meal (this recipe is coming this week on Wed.), orange slices from our trees, leftover French bread

Wednesday: Dinner with in-laws

Thursday: Turkey Burgers, Oriental pasta salad

Friday: Tender barbecued pork roast, savory bbq potatoesItalian three bean salad

Saturday: Time to make a big batch of pancake mix. I make up the dry ingredients that last about two months. Dinner is out for Date night (YAY!)

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