Sunday, November 15, 2015

How To Clean Your Toaster Inside And Out

A kitchen appliance we use everyday and may get neglected is our toaster so today we will share how to clean the toaster. Whether cleaning a toaster or cleaning the toaster oven, care should be used to clean it naturally since we prepare food in it.

My little Oster red toaster is almost fifteen years old and still looks pretty good. Periodically making time to clean the toaster keeps the crud from building up and makes the job easier if you clean it every once in a while as needed.

red toaster, spring cleaning

How To Clean A Toaster Or Toaster Oven

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  1. Over the trashcan in your kitchen, pull the tray out and shake the toaster well to get as much of the crumbs and bread out into the garbage can.
  2. Wash and dry thoroughly, the toaster tray in hot soapy water.
  3. Over the sink I take an old toothbrush I use for cleaning, and gently brush crumbs from the inside being very careful not to damage any coils.
  4. I tamp the toaster more to get as much of the crumbs out that I can.
  5. Now set the toaster on the counter on a towel and use a clean damp cloth and a little baking soda to scrub stuck on food from the top inside of the toaster and wiping with a damp cloth as I go.
  6. Shake out once again into the sink.
  7. Now for the outside I just use very hot soapy water with Dawn as it is a great degreaser. Any stuck on food can be removed with a little paste of baking soda and wiped with a clean dry cloth to shine. I do not use any harsh cleaners on the outside as mine is plastic and I do not want to dull or scratch it.
  8. If you are cleaning a toaster oven and have a glass door, a paste of baking soda works great to clean the glass door of the toaster oven and will not scratch the glass.

toaster, spring cleaning

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And this old toaster has been with us for at least 13 -14 years. It must be a good one as we use it daily and put it through lots of toasting.


  1. Great tutorial. I never seem to know how to clean the darned toaster. Yours sure looks good for its age!

  2. What a cute little red toaster! It looks like brand new - obviously from your regular cleaning!

  3. Thats the cleanest toaster I've ever seen. You need to come do mine. :-)

  4. I appreciate this toaster cleaning advice. Now I want to do it.

  5. Great tips! We have been married for 43 years. This past summer one day when we were using the toaster, I asked my husband to empty the crumb tray. He had no idea what I was referring to. Seriously?? So, for 43 years, I guess I have been the only one to ever empty that tray on any toaster we had. Now I do see him emptying it when he uses it, so the information was retained! Too funny!!

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