Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas and Thanksgiving Wishes

Wanted to share some Thanksgiving decorating ideas from the hubby. The man
never decorates for Thanksgiving or any holiday the same. But he says if you mix some chubby turkeys, a few pilgrims, fall pictures and lots of pumpkins you too have simple Thanksgiving decor down.

Here's my contribution. I turned the page on the calendar to November. Vintage Thanksgiving images are my favorite. By the way I tried the buttery mashed potato recipe on the Gooseberry Patch calendar, and they were so good.

My job around here is to compile the menu and ingredients for our meal. 

Really though, if you just decorate your Thanksgiving table with a meal of turkey and the fixings, that is all that is needed to make a great holiday. Thanksgiving is about family, sharing a meal and most of all thankfulness. When we feel thankful and focus on our blessings than we are more content. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! You can see his decor for fall and Thanksgiving in our fall tour.


  1. We are going to my son's new in-law's for Thanksgiving this year - they came to us last year. I think my table will just have a fall pumpkin display.

    Have a lovely family day on Thanksgiving.

  2. I really love that sweet turkey in the first photo. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. I tell you - that hubby of yours does a darned good job at decorating!!!